Monday, February 25, 2008

San Diego Day One


Hello from San Diego! Yesterday was a fun yet drenching day. Upon landing in San Diego we were wet, wet and wet. Hoping to wait out the rain a little we had breakfast and drove around a bit. Finally with a little proding from having grandparents in town, the kids warmed up to the idea of going to the Wild Animal Park in the rain. As you can see with the first two pictures, the kids had their parkas on (the best $5 spent and planning ahead I ever have done)!
We didn't think the animals would be really active but the workers said it is quite the opposite. The animals love the rain and ten to be more active during this time. We were not disappointed, the only animals who didn't do anything were the gorillas, the rhinos, monkeys, and lions were all really active. Here is Jordan standing next to a life size gorilla, he looks like a baby size!
You can see the picture of the male lion and there are two videos that you can see to really see how fun they were. There were 8 baby lions born in November and they were all playing. The dad was really active (See Videos and Pictures).

The Final picture is of a bunch of birds eating nectar. There were about 6 birds landing on the kids and drinking the nectar from a cup in the kids hands. Moose dropped his when the birds started landing on him and just watched the rest of the time. Munchkin loved it! So long for now!

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Rachel said...

Lisa, Thanks for the update -- really enjoyed it! Dad did, too! :) Alex, I read yours, too!! :) Glad everyone is having a GREAT time!! Miss you all! Mom/Grandma