Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Lijiang China

I was a beautiful day. After a quick breakfast we got on the bus and began a tour of a village further up in the mountains. The village is at an elevation of 10,000 feet (higher than Shaver or Tahoe). In fact, the mountain range that we are currently in is the eastern portion of the Himalayans. This is the Mountain range that has Mt. Everest (the tallest mountain on the planet.

Before going 3,500 feet higher, we dropped a group of four off where they hiked the 3,500 steep incline. I decided to take the winding dirt road to the village by bus.

Once getting to the village, we met several of the locals and had lunch. Following the tour, we joined up with the fearsome foursome and traveled back down the mountain where we met up with a traditional and famous medical doctor…Dr. Ho. After a brief visit, we continued on to Dragon Lagoon where we crossed several bridges and hiked by the river that goes through the town of Linjiang.

Tonight, after dinner, we are traveling to the town square where we will watch the local dancing and singing. Tomorrow, we leave by plane back to Kunming where we will join up from the other members of our class that toured Dali. After one night in Kunming, China we will leave and head south to Laos. Hopefully, I will be able to blog you one more time before Laos. If not, next stop…Laos.

I loved the trip log about San Diego. It looks like you and Jordan had lots of fun. Tell everyone hi and keep writing.

Love you and God Bless,


(I am having big problems loading pics...the internet in the square is very slow)

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