Sunday, February 17, 2008

Day 3 - China

Today was a beautiful and cold day in China. Started off with breakfast at the hotel. I had an "Americanized" breakfast - Onion rings, baby hot dogs, bread and china dumpling. It was good!

After a meeting with the U.S. Foreign Ag Service, our class boarded the bus and took the long climb up the Great Wall of China. This portion of the wall was very different from the area that Lisa and I visited last July. First, I had to take a sky bucket up to the top of the mountain. After the steep ride, several of us hiked to the top of the wall and had a toast with "Great Wall" wine (thank you Richard Nunes)!

After the long trek up the wall, the gang of us began our heading back to the bus. However, instead of climbing down or taking our sky bucket down the hill, we road a chute car down a long and winding track. This device had two speeds, fast and break. You had to lean into the corners just like a bobsled. WOW! What a ride!

After our time at the wall, we went to see several Chinese performers. These were amazing folks that performed amazing tricks. After the performance, our class met up with the South Dakota Agricultural Leadership Class (Class 4) and had a Chinese dinner while we told ag leadership stories.

Over all, it was a fun be very tiring day.

Until tomorrow, God Bless,


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