Saturday, February 23, 2008

More China

Today started with a meeting with the ATO office. ATO stands for the Ag Trade Office. This office is an important component to the overall U.S. trade strategy, allowing a full time staff to assist in promoting agricultural trade in China.

After the meeting, we toured the Shanghai Museum. This was a very impressive museum. There was a giant model of the river front and then an even larger model on the fourth floor of the whole city. It was awesome!

After the museum, our group toured old town shanghai. This was the famous street that I received a good deal on some golf clubs last year. And yes, tell mom I received some great deals again this year! No golf clubs...just some great deals. She is hooked up!

Tomorrow we tour the garden city. I am sure I will have more pictures tomorrow. Last year, we toured this area with the Chamber and I am looking forward to another chance to visit!

Keep being good and enjoy your trip!

I love you and tell mom and Moose hello for me!

God Bless,


(First picture is of one of two models at the Shanghai Museum. The second is of the court yard in old town Shanghai. Because it is the year of the rat, a giant rat figure is portrayed in the center of the area).

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