Sunday, February 24, 2008

China - Suzhou

Today we traveled to Suzhou. It is a small city of 4.1 million people. This area is known for its gardens. After the tour of the gardens, we took a boat ride down the old water ways, which back up to houses. After the boat trip we left to tour a silk factory where they make silk cloths.

By the end of the day, we went to the 87th floor of the Grand Hyatt in Shanghai. you could see a very long way. We then went to dinner as a group and then began to pack. Tomorrow, we fly to Kunming. This will take four hours by plane where then our group seperates into two (more on that later). Early day tomorrow...until then...

Have a fun time in San Diego,

Love you and God Bless,


Pictures - Top picture of some of the gardens we toured. Right, as you can see it is still very cold in China. We bundled up for the tour. This is a picture of Jeff and I waiting for our group to return. We were presiding fellows along with Kelly.

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