Monday, February 25, 2008

San Diego Day 2

Well today was beautiful and typical San Diego weather. Not hot and very comfortable. Today was a Sea World day and considering I am doing my blog at 6:40pm the kids had fun as they are already asleep. Today boiled down to 3 things: Macaroni Pinguins (Munchkin will tell you the name story and it has nothing to do with pasta), Killer Whales and dolphin. Both kids had their cameras and used up all the pictures. A couple of them are attached. We were able to go behind the scenes with the penguins and actually go into their 24 degree enclosure and pet the infamous "King Tut" a 27 year old penguin. Alex, 24 degrees is not that cold, you are a whimp in China! The kid's favorite today was definately seeing the Killer whales behind the glass (the whale got close enough so the kids could kiss it through the glass), petting the penguins and of course the dolphin show. The kids already want to come back to play with this dolphin which is ok once Moose turns 6. That means another trip to San Diego, oh how terrible :)

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