Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Greetings from Davis Day 2. Not much to report today, except that there were lots of speakers regarding our upcoming trip to China and Laos. The picture on the Right is of a gentleman who lived in Laos and talked to us about what we will do when we are there. Some of the food they eat in Laos includes bugs...hmmmm. The second picture is what I did all day long...listen to where we are going and what to expect.

This trip sounds fun and there will be lots of interesting things that we will see.

Tomorrow, we will be doing more research on our trip and then we will drive to the coast to mommy's school, Santa Clara.

Hope you are doing good and keep practicing your piano. Give Moose a big hug for me and a kiss to mommy.

God Bless,


Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Happy New Year - Day One Davis, CA

Greetings from Davis, CA! After leaving Fresno this morning, I had a couple of meetings in Sacramento. From there, to Davis where our Ag Leadership program kicked off this evening.

All day, it has been raining. The two pics above are: (Left) the merry-go-round is covered up at the "K" street mall. Rain has closed most of the rides and activities that take place in the open area. (Right) This is the entrance to Old Town Sacramento. Next time our family comes up, we will have to take you there so you may see the old paddle boat and horses.

Tomorrow will be a full day and we will be learning about the places where we will be going to in China next Month.

Hope all is well, give Jordan and mommy hugs and kisses.

God Bless,