Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Hello From Xian

Lots of fun items to report on from Xian. Yesterday we met with the Ambassador of the U.S. to China and then we toured the emperor's palace yesterday. We then toured the city of Hutong by rickshaw. Several of the lakes and rivers were still frozen over with the cold weather. (Picture of ostrich at zoo two days ago.).

From Beijing we then left by train to Xian where today we saw the largest insect collection in China. I have lots of good pictures that I will have to share with you tomorrow.

Right now, we are in Starbucks and having a Hot Coco. Tomorrow, we will tour the warriors where there are large armies made of clay. I will have more to report tomorrow. The connection is very slow today and we are having problems uploading items to the internet.

Tell Moose that daddy wants him to be good or mommy will start counting. Also, keep being good so you can go on your special trip on Sunday. I want both of you to be good for mom and dad...and if you are good I will have presents for you.

Here is a picture of daddy leading the group on the bus to the U.S. Embassy and the picture on the left is daddy and Denise at the Forbidden Palace.

Help mom and be GOOD!

I love you,

God Bless,



ottster said...


Regan read this on the way to school this morning with my iphone. She will need one soon:)

You are right, there were very few people at the palace, not like last year. Hope you enjoy Xi'an, the kids are doing much better as we get closer to our trip.

Anonymous said...

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