Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Melbourne is absolutely wonderful. Very laid back compared to other parts of Austtralia. The people here are awesome. What is so funny is all the people that keep asking about My accent. We had one actress that spoke to us and asked me how do you speak like that? She is trying to master the California accent and wanted to practice with us. My response was "we are not the ones with the accents." Everyone laughed. The city reminds me a lot of Chicago. It has a river, tall buildings. However, in Ike Chicago, it is very laid back and not the "hussel" of a New York or Chicago. I really like this city. One more day left before we head home. Cant wait to see everyone. Love you! God Bless, Ottster

Monday, June 25, 2012


What a couple of days. Landed yesterday and we have hit the ground running. Yesterday, we visited several local grocery chains and met with buyers regarding the possibility of shipping blueberries to Australia. Today, we visited the capitol of Australia, Canberra. Beautiful area. We are getting ready to fly back to Sydney and then tomorrow, off to Melborne for the Australian Produce Marketing Association. For a place that is suppose to be in winter, the weather has been wonderful. Light rain this morning but overall, 60's which beats the 100 degrees back home. I am having issues uploading pictures, so I will try again later. Till tomorrow! God Bless, Ottster