Friday, August 22, 2008

Chicago August 22, 2008 - Day 4

What would Chicago be like if you did not have your deep dish pizza and make a quick walk past the cars! Wow, they had some nice ones!

Beginning at 8:00 we had a meeting reviewing all of the U.S. apple crop. This was followed by a lunch, a walk and a return to the hotel for more meetings.

Soon I will be going out to dinner and then tomorrow morning a board meeting and then a taxi to the airport and a flight home. I will see you tomorrow night!

Hope you had a good day, continue to help mom! Also, don't forget to show Jordan the cars! Which one is your favorite?

God Bless,


Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Chicago August 21, 2008 - Day 3

Meetings, meetings and more meetings! The first meeting kicked off at 7:30 am. We should finish by lat evening. In the meantime, we walk to the hotel which is across the street. The first picture is a picture of a dressed up pelican. Throughout the "Mile", there are several dressed-up figures of people and animals with several different cloths. Some are really funny like this pelican.

The second picture is the lobby of the hotel where the meetings are taking place. This picture is a giant fountain with two cranes on top. It is a very large fountain and makes for a very nice relaxing place in between meetings.

Until next time,

God Bless,


Chicago August 20, 2008 - Day 1&2

Back in Chicago! Last night I arrived, had dinner and off to the Chicago Cubs game. Cubs beat the Reds 5-0. It was a great game and sold out. All the talk is that it will be Cubs vs. Angels! After the game, we got back to the hotel. Today has been a light day, and we will have dinner with several of the member of the U.S. Apple Export Council.

Tomorrow will be a day full of meetings beginning at 7:00 am. We will be finished by late in the evening. By Friday, the conference will give us the total numbers of apples produced in the U.S. for this year.

Miss you guys, and don't forget to write!

God Bless,