Tuesday, September 25, 2007

CHILE - Day 4&5

This is a picture of where I sat for the meeting. Each country had their own flag, name plate and a translator so we could understand the other countries.

Yesterday was a full day of meetings. After the meetings, we had dinner where we sang songs and danced. Let's just say...every country has a song that brings out the "best" in them.

I am currently getting ready to get on a bus to head back to where we will catch our airplane. I will be leaving this evening and will be back in Fresno tomorrow afternoon.

Have a good day at school and tell Mom and Moose, I will be home soon!

God Bless,


Sunday, September 23, 2007

CHILE - Day 3

The first two pictures were taken in the meseum. The one on the left is a picture of one of several cars. It is a famous Chilian race car driver's ride and raced at the Indy 500. The next picture is a dinosaur bone (actually this is its head). The last two pictures were taken at the hotel where we rode horses. The first picture is of my horse. The second is the cowboy that taught us how to ride and lead us up into the mountains and around the lake.

It was a blast today. After Breakfast, the world kiwifruit delegation met and begun giving its country reports. After a full morning and half of the afternoon, several discussions focused on how we could work together to move more kiwifruit in the world.

After the meeting, our group toured a meseum next to the hotel. There was an incredible amount of artificats, including: fossils, dinosaur bones, old guns, gold, silver, treasure chests, indian cloths, cars, trains, farm equipment and the actual Chile constitution.

After the tour, we loaded up on a bus and went to a house that has been converted into a hotel. The house was originally built in the early 1600s, before the U.S. was even a colony. I met a real cowboy and rode for the first time a horse. We took a ride on a horse up the mountain and around a lake. After we returned to the stables, we were entertained by several dancers. The dancers showed us the "napkin dance", and it is a very traditional dance in Chile. After the dancing and singing, we had dinner, boarded the bus and then returned to the hotel.

Tomorrow will be another busy day of meetings, followed by our farewell dinner. On Tuesday, we will board the bus and visit some growing areas before traveling to the airport to come home.

It has been a great trip thus far, however, I am looking forward in coming home soon. Congratulate mom for her win in football! Also, give Jordan a big hug and tell him to be good in school tomorrow, and have fun in dance!

God Bless,


Saturday, September 22, 2007

CHILE - Day 2

Pictures of our train. The third picture is of the "killer watch dog" I met, we was very friendly and reminded me a lot of Dub! The last picture is of the horses that pulled our buggy!

Another busy day...but lots of fun! We began with a bus ride to Santa Cruz. After reaching the city we took a steam engine train and toured the country side. On the train, they sang music, served cheese and wine. After we finished the train tour, we went to a winery. This is a big place where they grow grapes and then make the grapes into wine. We got to tour the vineyard by horse and buggy. After the tour, the tour guide placed us into four groups where we made our own wine. It was France, Italy, New Zealand and the U.S. as different teams. You will be pleased to know that we took second and barley lost to the New Zealand team. Oh Well, next year!
After our wine making, we had dinner on top of the hill, where we learned lots about the first indians of Chile. This included learning about Easter Island, several other tribes and finally a chance to look through several telescopes at the stars. We concluded the evening with a dinner at the top of the mountain on top of nearly 2,000 acres of vines.

Tomorrow will be a busy day. We begin our two day meeting sessions and will work together with the other countries to understand the global kiwi industry.

Congratulations on your big win and your goal! You did a great job...keep up the great work! Also, tell Moose he did good too at his game.

Give mom a big hug...until tomorrow,

God Bless,


Friday, September 21, 2007


The first two pictures are inside the President's Palace. This is similar to the U.S. White House. It is where the President works. The Bull is a statue inside the court yard. The other picture of one of several police officers that guard the palace. The third picture is one of the orginal cannons used when the Spanish came to Chile. The last picture is a few of the dancers that performed for us (yes they are real cowboys)!

Crazy day today. I left yesterday afternoon from Fresno and arrived this morning at 7:45 am. What a beautiful sight. There are very tall mountains boarding the east of this coastal country. What is amazing is this country is 5,000 miles long and on average only 80 miles wide. It is longer to drive from the top of the country all the way to the bottom than it is to drive from California to Washington D.C. Pretty amazing!

After I arrived at the hotel, I met several other kiwi growers from around the world, including: Italy, Spain, France, New Zealand, Korea, Chile and of course USA. After having lunch with the group, we toured downtown Santiago, the Capitol of Chile. It is a city rich in history. In fact the famous "Easter Island" statues come from this country (they look like Dum Dum, Gum Gum, from Night at the Meseum).

After the tour, we changed and went to dinner where we were entertained by several different dancers from around the country. Several of these dances included cowboys, Indians, and several Hawaii dances (from Chile and brought to the islands).

Tomorrow, we wake up early and we depart for Santa Cruz, Chile. We will be taking an old steam train to see several areas of the country side. We will then go to the Colchagua Museum and then have a couple of group activities in the evening.

Until tomorrow, have a great soccer game...do your best and give your brother and mom a kiss and a hug.

God Bless,