Thursday, July 12, 2007

China - Day 1

Well, Day one has begun. Mom and I have made it to LAX (Los Angeles) and we are getting ready to board the airplane. It is going to take us 14 hours to travel from California to China. Once we arrive, we have another two hour flight into China's capitol city.

This is a picture of the Airline check in. We are flying on China Eastern. We met a very nice person named Angela that has assisted us in getting the group through the check-in process.

Next Stop...China!

Until then, God Bless,



ottster said...

dear daddy the day in china was awesome. please just send more pictures of people and not buildings.
please hurry and get to china so I can have 1,000 sleep overs with grandma trish. god bless regan.

ottster said...

Kids are doing GREAT!! They've been in the spa morning & night -- they can't wait until Sat AM when Papa gets home and we go down the river in the boat car. (His plane gets into LAX Fri @ 4PM -- then he drives home). Kids are excited about seeing Larry & Trish on Sunday -- Regan says, "Grandma Trish does art things!" They have been no trouble at all -- & I'm doing fine!! So, don't worry! Love, Mom