Tuesday, July 17, 2007

China - Day 6

Hey All: Today we toured the city of Suzhou in the morning. You can see in the bottom two pictures a place called the Lingering Gardens, This is a beautiful garden that has some beautiful flowers and trees. But the coolest thing is all the fish (orange specks) in the second picture. These are Coy Fish and they look like big gold fish. There is also a lady in the picture that is playing traditional Chinese music. It was very nice and calming. We then got to see some beautiful silk dresses being made, visited a middle school, and finally toured an embroidery shop where ladies sew pictures into pieces of cloth. They had a really pretty Hudson picture.

We then traveled 2 1/2 hours by bus to the city of Hangzhou. This is a large city of about 3 1/2 million people. We had dinner and outside our hotel we saw this cute Golden Retriever. She was very sweet.

We miss you Regan & Jordan. Remember be nice to Grandma and Papa silly. We will be home in a few days and we have some neat stuff for you!!!

Love you
Mommy (Daddy is asleep)


ottster said...

Well, did we buy the "Hudson Picture!?!" I'm wondering if you're still going to have only "carry on" for the plane? I understand things are pretty cheap in China! :) Love, Mom/Rachel

ottster said...

Dear Daddy,
I love you. Right now I am missing you and Mom a lot. I am really tired right now its almost 9:00 PM and with the dancing and singing that I am doing I haven't had time to do a whole lot with Papa Silly and Grandma Trish due my busy schedule. Tell Mommy I love her too and that I miss her also and so does Jordan. There is only 3 more days then you and mom can take me to Barnes and nobles. Love Regan