Friday, July 13, 2007

Ending DAY 1

Greetings Everyone! We have arrived in China! The three pics are 1) Me Blogging, 2) The arrows painted on the ground telling us where to go and the 3) Our airplane (or home for 12 hours).

Overall the flight went well. Lots of time to catch-up on reading and sleeping. The later being my favorite. We are currently in Shanghai and are waiting to board our next airplane that will take us to Beijing.

We should be in our hotel by 11:00 pm our time (8:00 am your time - Friday morning). Once we get some sleep, our first stop will be at the Great Wall of China! Until then!

God Bless,



ottster said...

Hi! Glad you made it safe! Kids are in the spa -- I have to go to the office to do the mail and banking, then I'm taking them to the zoo. Regan slept 11 1/2 hours again last night -- bed at 9PM up at 8:30AM! Jordan did his normal 9 1/2 hours -- woke up at 2AM and went back to sleep in my bed until 6:30AM.
Regan will be glad to see people in your pictures!! :)She'll write her comments this afternoon. We're crossing each day off the calendar at night! They're having fun and happy, but they miss you! Mom/Rachel

ottster said...

dear daddy and mommy. I had a good day today. bak bak to you. i really really miss you and mommy. i wish you guys didn't have to go to china. love regan.