Thursday, July 19, 2007

Last Day in China

Today is the last day in China. Yesterday was lots of traveling. We began the day with a cruise around a lake followed by a visit to where tea is made. After tasting some delicious tea, we toured several temples where people pray. We finished the day with a night cruise of the skyline.

(Fountain at the tea shop; right statue at the temples)

Today was a light day. We began touring the walkway near the river. We then took the bus to where they Chinese make silk carpets. After the carpet factory, we toured the downtown market place followed by dinner. Overall, the trip was exciting and gave us a new experience coupled with some much needed vacation time. Mommy and I look forward in seeing you tomorrow!

(worker making one of the hand made silk rugs; right three goats at the entrance of the rug shop)

Until then, God Bless,



ottster said...

Hi! Regan is at Willie Wonka, and Jordan & I are here at the office. They are already talking about you guys coming home tomorrow -- they are so excited! I haven't told them that I'll be taking them to the airport to meet you -- I'm afraid their feet wouldn't stay on the ground!! :) R & J want to ride in the boat car this afternoon -- I'll see if we can accomodate them! :) Have a safe trip! Mom/Rachel

ottster said...

dear daddy. i love you and mommy very much. i am so excited that you are coming home tomorrow. snap snap snap i wish you were home today. love regan.