Saturday, July 14, 2007

China - Day 2

Day Two was a blast! We started the day with a big breakfast and then took a bus to the Emperor's Summer Palace. This is a 700-acre property that includes a man-made lake. Following the Summer Palace, we went to a jade factory. Jade is a very beautiful and precious stone. It is the second hardest mineral just behind a diamond. We were able to see how they hand carve these beautiful gems.

After the Jade factory, Mom and I got our exercise by climbing the Great Wall of China. The great wall was built over 2,000 years ago and stretches to nearly 4,000 miles. It is so large; you can see the structure from space.

Following the Great Wall, we had lunch and learned how China makes the beautiful copper vases. These are also, hand crafted and painted. These beautiful pieces take lots of time and patience. Next we traveled to the Dragon Valley, where we took a boat ride through the gorges. The sight was incredible!

After a long day of walking, we finished by eating a Chinese buffet and watched several Chinese acrobats perform tricks on stage. They spun plates on sticks, roller-skated, jumped through hoops and performed lots of jumps and spins!

Hope everything is going well. Be good to grandma and papa.

God Bless,


Pic 1 - Flowers at the Palace; Pic 2 - Mom at the Great Wall; Pic 3 - The Dragon at Dragon Valley; Pic 4 - Chinese dancers


ottster said...

dear daddy. i had a good day today. tomorrow grandma trish is coming so is papa silly. your mom and dad but you are the best dad. love regan

ottster said...

Kids have been GREAT. Been in the spa a dozen times and went in the boat car. Jordan was pretty apprehensive but still do good. Neither one took very long naps. Maybe that means early to bed? :) There have been no tears but they often say they miss you both. They are looking forward to going to their own house tomorrow to stay with your parents. It's pretty warm this afternoon so Jordan is in the spa with grandpa and Regan is watching a movie. Love, Mom/Rachel

ottster said...

Jordan wanted to see your pictures. When he saw Lisa climbing the great wall he said he wanted to go to China and climb with mommy. I said another day. Then he said I call mom and he went to the telephone. I told him daddy might call on his cell phone, and he was fine with that! Have a great day!