Wednesday, June 27, 2007

New York - Day 4

I know this is another picture of a building...however, this is a picture of a castle that use to be somebody's home. It is located on the lake and has since been made into a restaurant. I had dinner in the main dinning hall and had apple pie for dessert. The next picture is of the front of the New York Wine and Culinary Institute of New York. Mommy would like this place. This has several kitchens and is used as a studio on the food network that we watch.

The last picture is of a deer that is outside of our hotel. Painted on the side of the deer are horses in a race. Behind our hotel is a lake (one of the "finger lakes").

We had a great meeting today. Lots of fun apple issues that we discussed. I leave late tomorrow and will be home by 1:30 am. See you tomorrow/Friday morning.

God Bless,


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