Sunday, July 15, 2007

China - Day 3

Today was a very packed day. We started with a tour to Tiananmen Square. This is one of the largest open government areas in the world. Thousands of people come here to read about their government. Next we went to the Forbidden City, which is where the Emperor of China use to live. This City is very big and has gold and handcraft carvings throughout the Palace.

We then went for a ride on bicycles or rickshaws where we had a real Chinese prepared lunch with a family. They prepared several dishes that included: beef, potatoes, broccoli, rice and watermelon. It was very good.
After lunch we traveled to a jewelry shop where we saw how pearls are made. Did you know that pearls come from oysters?
We then walked to the Heavenly Temple where the Emperor of China used to pray for a good harvest. This temple is very tall and has beautiful decorations throughout the temple.

We finished the day with dinner at a famous duck restaurant. We ate duck four different ways. We even had duck in tortillas. The food was very good!

Tomorrow we leave travel to a different city called Shanghais. This city is where a lot of trading occurs. We will take a plane tomorrow at lunch and stay the night. This is the halfway point of our trip. We leave for the U.S. in four days. Keep being good and we will talk to you soon.

1) Fist picture is of the guard dog at lunch. 2) Second Picture is of a golden pearl. It is very expensive. 3) This is the duck that stands outside of where we had dinner.
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ottster said...

dear daddy. you are my bestest daddy. mommy you are so sweet as a rabbit. after that we will go home with grandma then grandma trish will be there. it's your mom and dad, daddy. love regan
Hi! after breakfast we will take the kids to the house pad and try to teach them to ride without training wheels. Mom/Rachel

ottster said...

Hi! Just so you know -- Jim said he's taking Kenseth this week! Yes, he did tell me just before the race began! Jordan wouldn't even try to ride his bike without the training wheels -- he got up tired this AM, but he did ride his bike down to the river! Regan did try -- she said she'll keep trying until she gets it. She said today is a special day! Mom/Rachel