Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Greetings from the nation's capitol. Meetings, meetings and more meetings. Once I arrived I have been meeting with almost every state president that produces apples within the U.S. Today was the first day that I was let out of my hotel cage. It has been a very productive trip, but one does get tired of staying inside...espically when it is nice outside.

After breaking free and having an opportunity to meet up for dinner (outside the hotel), I walked past the Library of Congress, National Archeives, the Supreme Court and the Capitol buildings. The Capitol building has a dome and this was the place that President Obama gave his speech last night to congress.

We have a breakfast meeting tomorrow morning and will begin to pack up our things and to the airport we go. It appears that we will be returing to DC in four weeks to meet with several of our congressional leaders and prepare for the new budget and list of priorities that congress is preparing.

Can't wait to see you tomorrow! Give mom and Moose a big hug...

God Bless,

(The top picture is of the capitol dome, the second is a picture of the Library of Congress, the building in the National Treasure 2).

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