Sunday, February 8, 2009

GERMANY - February 2 - 8


Germany has been a blast. The trip started with a delayed air flight on Monday from San Francisco to Frankfurt. Due to the delay, I missed the connection and had to take a five hour train to Berlin. It was a great delay! I was able to see the country side!

After arriving late Tuesday evening, I prepared for our Fruit Logestica Conference. During the three day trade show, I was able to discuss several issues with several countries including friends from: Russia, Mexico, Central America, UK and the U.S. I also met some new friends from England, Canada and Austrlia.
By Friday, Lisa arrived and we were able to start some sight seeing. We saw pieces of the Berlin Wall, Check Point Charlie, the Brandenburger Gate, the Reichstag, Jewish Museum and the Church of Remberance to name a few.

We leave tomorrow and will arrive in the U.S. by the evening.
These pictures include:
The Branderburger Grate, The Reichstag, Check Point Charlie and the Reichstag made out of German Chocolate.
Until then, GOD BLESS,

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