Thursday, October 11, 2007

Taipei, Taiwan - Day 4 & 5

Lots of Pictures today. Here is a picture of "Teddy Bear", who was going for a walk with his owner. The next picture is of a tree that was uprooted during Sunday's Typhoon.

The car was used by President Chiang Kai-shek's Limo when he was president of Taiwan. The big ball is called a Damper Baby. It is the weight that hangs in the middle of the Taipei 101 building.

It has been a very crazy couple of days. Yesterday, we toured Taipei 101. This is the tallest building in the world. After the tour of the building, we toured Taipei. Several of the places we visited included the Chiang Kai-shek memorial building, a famous temple and the old town market. At the market we saw several items including fish, snake, turtles, videos and several other fun items.

The building is of the Chiang Kai-shek memorial building. The picture if of Ronald Reagan and Chiang Kai-shek.

Today, we kicked off the morning with breakfast and a meeting with several people that we have worked with before at the American Institute of Trade (AIT). During the meeting, we felt a minor earthquake! After meeting with the U.S. officials, we went to a top 10 lunch resturant where we ate pork and shrimp dumplings (very good). We then went to a supermarket where there were lots of different fruits and vegetables. one of my favorite fruits that we have tried is Dragon Fruit. It looks like a white kiwifruit. After our tour of the supermarkets, we came back to the hotel.

Pictures of Frogs and snakes that we saw at the super markets.

Tomorrow, I will be giving a presentation to over 20 representatives. We are going to update them of California apples and then have a chance to answer their questions. We will then pack our suitcases, have dinner and then catch a late airplane ride back to the U.S.

See you tomorrow (Friday),

God Bless,


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Your daughter fell asleep before she could respond. I personally like the dog and the snake out of its enclosure.