Monday, October 8, 2007

Taipei, Taiwan - Day 1 & 2

This is a picture of the plane we rode on to Taiwan. This is a very big plane and has two stories (see the windows on the top and bottom?)

I arrived into Taipei, Taiwan today (Monday at 7:30 pm). We were suppose to leave for Taiwan on Sunday at 1:00am, however, due to a typhoon, the flight did not leave until 2:30 pm. After a 13 hour uneventful flight, we touched down. At 8:00 pm, it was 84 degrees and a few sprinkles. In short, hot and humid. Tomorrow, we begin our meetings. Will keep you posted,

God Bless,


(Picture of "Doc" and Dad waiting in the airport)

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ottster said...

Dear daddy:

I love you with all my heart and on Friday I have a special surprise for you at home. When you come home you can see the special surprise. Its something from my easy bake oven.

When I bake it It will be delicious and I won't eat it until you come home.

God Bless Regan, Jordan and mommy.