Thursday, March 29, 2007


The first picture is the seal of the President of the U.S., located just inside the West Wing entrance. The picture of the produce was one of several displays we used during our reception. This display your daddy put together. The last picture is 400 bags of groceries that were handed out at the reception. All the bags were filled with products from California

Days 6 & 7 were very busy! Yesterday, the class met with several congressional staff members that will be working on this year's farm legislation. After the breakfast, the class went to the Old Executive Office building where we met with White House staff regarding several agricultural issues. After the meeting, the class had to rush back to Capitol Hill where we prepared several hundred bags filled with California produce.

After the reception, I had the opportunity to visit the West Wing of the White House. This is the portion of the White House where President Bush's office if located (also known as the oval office). I also toured the Rose Garden and saw several famous rooms including the Cabinet room and the Roosevelt room.

After getting some sleep, the class woke up and rushed to the Hill for the final time, meeting with seven congressmen, including the Majority Leader of the House of Representatives. After the meetings, it was a long day of traveling.

We left the hotel and drove to Baltimore where we caught a plane to Houston, Texas. From there, we flew and are currently in Jackson, Mississippi. We should have a big day tomorrow and I will be able to give you an inside scoop about how the catch Cat Fish!

Over half - way through the trip. Only four days left before daddy comes home! Give yourself a big hug and squeeze mommy for me. Love ya &

God Bless,


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ottster said...

Dear Daddy: I went to the farm today. Guess what? We saw lots and lots of animals. We saw pigs, cows, horse, and sheep. Then we had lunch. Then we went on an easter egg hunt. We hunted for jelly beans and eggs.

We Love You!!!

Regan, Jordan and Mommy