Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Daddy in front of the U.S. Supreme Court; next is the "War College", last picture is the plaque outside one of the main halls of the Industrial College of the Armed Forces.

Hi Kids!

What a day! Started with breakfast with several staffers from Congress that are working very hard to pass the 2007 farm bill. After breakfast, our class toured the Industrial College of the Armed Forces (also known as the War College). This campus trains men and women who will be future representatives to other countries for the U.S. as well as future Generals and Admirals. While taking the tour, President Bush helicopter (Marine 1) flew right over our head. Awesome sight!

After the War College, the highlight of the day came. Justice Scalia met with our class. What can I say, brilliant. Most unbelievable experience! I learned more in 45 minutes than three years of political science classes! All I can say is WOW!

We finished the night with two plays at the Kennedy Center. The Kennedy Center is a giant performing arts center where plays, concerts and other performing arts take place. Right before the plays, we had the opportunity to see the President's helicopter again, fly right by the Kennedy Center (WOW, twice in one day!)

Looking forward to another exciting day tomorrow.

Miss you three very much. Keeping taking care of mommy while daddy is gone.

God Bless,


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ottster said...

Dear Daddy:

Guess What, I know how to make stars. And today it was totally wow. I love you more than chocolate chip cookies.

I love you, love mommy, Jordan and Regan.