Monday, March 26, 2007


These pictures include a German fighter used in WWII, a picture of the Japan Embassy sign, President Lincoln's hat and a picture of three airplanes (Spirit of St. Louis, Space Ship One and the X-2).

Hi Mommy, Regan & Jordan!

Good day today! After waking up and showing up to our class meeting 10 minutes late (alarm did not go off, we were ready to begin the day!

Kicked off with a visit at the Chinese Embassy. It looks like we will be going to China, Korea and Japan for our international trip next year! This will be a fun trip and we will learn a lot about other countries and people.

After the meeting with the Chinese, we had lunch with several people that work on Capitol Hill. These people are called lobbyist and work very hard to represent their friends issues and positions on several items that are voted on in the legislature.

After lunch, our class visited the Japan embassy. This is the country that Uncle Tim is moving to this week. It is an island smaller than California with over 120 million people living in the country. Also, the island has a very large volcano known as Mount Fiji.

After our visit, our class had time to go and visit Washington D.C. on our own. Several of my classmates, including myself, toured the Air and Space Museum. This museum had some really neat items. I go to see Kermit the Frog, Abraham Lincoln's hat, and several airplanes that have shaped air and space flight .

Until tomorrow, I love you very much,

God Bless,


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ottster said...

Dear daddy:

My mom found my yo-yo. We held the rat. We played basketball.

The pictures are awesome, wow! My favorite picture is the airplanes and Lincoln's hat.

we love you
Mommy Regan and Jordan