Sunday, September 23, 2007

CHILE - Day 3

The first two pictures were taken in the meseum. The one on the left is a picture of one of several cars. It is a famous Chilian race car driver's ride and raced at the Indy 500. The next picture is a dinosaur bone (actually this is its head). The last two pictures were taken at the hotel where we rode horses. The first picture is of my horse. The second is the cowboy that taught us how to ride and lead us up into the mountains and around the lake.

It was a blast today. After Breakfast, the world kiwifruit delegation met and begun giving its country reports. After a full morning and half of the afternoon, several discussions focused on how we could work together to move more kiwifruit in the world.

After the meeting, our group toured a meseum next to the hotel. There was an incredible amount of artificats, including: fossils, dinosaur bones, old guns, gold, silver, treasure chests, indian cloths, cars, trains, farm equipment and the actual Chile constitution.

After the tour, we loaded up on a bus and went to a house that has been converted into a hotel. The house was originally built in the early 1600s, before the U.S. was even a colony. I met a real cowboy and rode for the first time a horse. We took a ride on a horse up the mountain and around a lake. After we returned to the stables, we were entertained by several dancers. The dancers showed us the "napkin dance", and it is a very traditional dance in Chile. After the dancing and singing, we had dinner, boarded the bus and then returned to the hotel.

Tomorrow will be another busy day of meetings, followed by our farewell dinner. On Tuesday, we will board the bus and visit some growing areas before traveling to the airport to come home.

It has been a great trip thus far, however, I am looking forward in coming home soon. Congratulate mom for her win in football! Also, give Jordan a big hug and tell him to be good in school tomorrow, and have fun in dance!

God Bless,


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Rachel said...

Hi, Alex! I had all three grandkids at the ranch today. Lance & Danielle needed some sleep, and Lisa needed to help set up the picnic/barbecue at People's Church. Jim took Regan for a ride in the corvette -- she told him to "goose it"! She said she had heard it in a movie, so, Jim "goosed it!" Regan screamed all the way through the 1/4 mile! :) So, now, "goosing it" means going fast in the red car!! We all had fun! Jordan DROVE Regan's jeep today -- I have pictures to prove it!! Rachel