Friday, May 11, 2007


Today was a fun day. We began our day with a tour of a school that teaches students how to speak, read and learn in both Spanish and English. Each week, the students alternate their lessons beginning in English and then the next week in Spanish. Today, the Kindergarten class had a Mother's day tea party (just like you Regan!) Then we toured a class of fourth graders where they were learning how to add in Spanish.

After the tour, our class went back to our room and practiced and performed our speeches. Following our speeches, we went to the "Tar Hill" Ranch. This rach had lots of history, including a landing craft (Top Right picture) and restored jeeps, cars, and buildings. There was also old guns and bombs on displayed (Bottom Picture).

After looking at all of the history, we had a big BBQ and ate strawberries and cookies after dinner.

Good luck in your t-ball game and I will see you tomorrow. Tell mom and Jordan hello from daddy!

God Bless,


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