Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Howdy Squeeker and Moose!

Arrived in DC last night. Once we checked in, it began to snow. This morning when we awoke, the now became ice. All the water and snow had frozen, making the streets and sidewalks slick.

After breakfast, we went to the hill and met with congressional members to go over apple and blueberry issues. Very good day overall.

Tonight, I will be meeting up with a couple of my DC friends and then more congressional visits tomorrow.

Miss you, give mom hugs and kisses.

God Bless,



ottster said...

Hey dad, Sorry I could not read your blog. I had a lot of stuff to do. How is Washington District of Colombia :) Jordan, Mommy, and I went to John's on Thursday. we won over a 1,000 tickets.(I saved some for next time because you taught me how to save;). Hope you have a safe flight home tomorrow. Hugs and kisses.

Regan, Jordan, and Momy

ottster said...
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