Monday, August 16, 2010


In Chicago again for the yearly crop estimate. In the meantime, I had some downtime...of course I had to swing by the American Girl Store...unbelievable. They have a pet store, hospital and salon for the dolls. Not to mention every doll and girl matching outfit.

Then it was a walk down the mag mile where I passed by the famous water tower. This tower is just one block from where we are staying. Tonight, we will catch a Cub game and then off to meetings tomorrow.

Until then, God Bless,


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ottster said...

Hi Dad. How are You doing? Please call me and tell me about your trip so far.Can you post the Cubs game? They probably got beat up did they. Jordan and Mommy say hi. Also Kala and I made brownies. We have some waiting at home for you. MMM.Have a great time in Chicago,IL.Jordan and I had a great day at school today.
Until Then,
With Love Regan, Jordan, and Mommy :)