Thursday, November 27, 2008


Happy Turkey Day! We left the coast and were off to see Multnohma Falls. This is the second largest year-round water fall in the U.S. You will have to look up number one! The hike to the top of the falls was one mile...yes we did it! Both kids made it to the top.

After the two mile round trip hike, we left to find Mt. Hood and I mean find Mt. Hood. Clearly, the powers that be moved this giant mountain because after two hours treking up and down the highway the clouds covered this big hill or it simply vanished. I believe it was moved.

After making our way to Portland and enjoyed a all you can eat Thanksgiving feast at our hotel, the kids decided to go outside and swim in the 36 degree weather. The good news, they got to swim in a heated spa...the bad news, the Mrs. and I got to sit, not move and watch the HEATED spa.

Tomorrow, it is suppose to be sunny...which I am still waiting for, and take a trip across the boarder to see another mountain/volcano that could also be invisible...Mt St. Helens.

Until tomorrow...God Bless,


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