Thursday, June 12, 2008


Busy day but fun day! Finished our meetings by lunch time. After the meeting, we split into a couple of groups. My group caught the "T" (known as the subway) to the Samuel Adams Brewery. It was great! They showed us how they make their several beers and then we had to taste their product.

After the the tour, we ate lunch and then traveled to Fenway Park to watch the Red Sox play the Orioles. It was a beating with the Bo Sox winning 9 - 2. I even witnessed a Grand Slam over the Green Monster! WOW...first time I ever saw a Grand Slam at an actual ball park!

I will be having breakfast with Jeremy tomorrow morning and then I will be traveling to the airport to fly back to L.A. After a night in L.A. I will see you in Mexico.

Hope all is well and you are having fun!

God Bless,


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