Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Laos is a beautiful country. We began the tour in the Capitol City where we met with the U.S. Ambassador. After an afternoon in Laos, we went North where we toured some villages and rode down the MeKong River. During the river ride, we went to the cave of the Buddhas. It is a cave in the side of the mountain next to the River. The next morning, we witnessed the Monks travel down the street for alms. Food is given to the Monks (this is how they survive) every morning. After the morning, we climbed the mountain with the Temple overseeing the entire city. At the top, I saw the largest Moth ever! We then toured a local market and watched the elephants go down the center of town.

After three days is
Laos, we were treated to dinner at a local restaurant where a 9 year old girl danced traditional Laos dances. The next morning we boarded the plan and flew to Bangkok, Thailand.

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