Sunday, April 1, 2007

DAY 9 & 10

The first picture is the Super Dome in New Orleans; the second is the swaps of Mississippi; next is a picture of a gator swimming towards our boat; the last picture is our shrimp boat Capitan bringing in the catch of the day!

These past two days have been long and yet adventurous! Yesterday, we toured the gulf and swamps of Mississippi. We began with a 3 hour drive from Jackson to Gulfport where we ate lunch and received a tour of the town. Next, we headed to Biloxi Mississippi where we traveled on a shrimp boat and learned how to catch shrimp. After the boat trip we went to the swamps and caught another boat. We saw lots of wildlife including hogs, birds, frogs and yes...gators! We even tried crawfish for dinner. After the long day, we drove to New Orleans and caught some sleep.

Today, our class toured the entire town of New Orleans. The town was established in the late 1600's and eventually, President Thomas Jefferson bought the territory from the French, where it was later added to the U.S.

Congratulations on your T-Ball game. Only two more days and then daddy is home. I have presents!

Love you and God Bless,


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ottster said...

Hey Daddy:

Guess what? If I practice all my bible verses at t-ball, then I can get prizes.

I saw the gator. I love the shrimp. It was so awesome.

We love you. God bless, Mommy, Regan & Jordan